TrialLive Help

TrialLive Help



Selection of the competition class for which results should be shown.

When using bigger screens, its also possible to see all classes in one view.

Via the symbol of the bike you can reach the home page.

Start Times

Start times

The icons is only visible, if there are start time information for competition classes or individuals available.

The table for individual start times shows the starters number, its name and the start end finish times. You can sort by each column.



There are different statistics available for competition classes as well as across all classes.

Competition News


The competition bureau can send messages. Those will be shown as ticker news above the class tabs will disappear, if they were removed by the competition bureau.

All ticker news will be centrally collected on the competition news page.

Are no news available or none have been send at all, this symbol is not available.

Result Page for Competition Classes

On those pages you get the individual results for each participant of the competition class. Results for unfinished rounds are grey colored. Once all results from each section has been entered into the system, the color will turn black.

Section results as well as the number of sections with x penalty points can be shown when clicking on the competitors number.

Depending on the competition there might be icons showing up between competitior number and name. Ask the competition bureau for the meaning of the used symbol.

Copyright Information

The symbol for the start times is licenced under CCBY and is based on the design of Delwar Hossain.

The flag symbols are taken from and are freely usable.